About Us

oldpicLet’s take you back to 1960 were Jake’s father Alva Joosten started his painting career in Denver CO. After painting several years he began showing his son Jake Joosten the basic techniques of the painting trade. In 1974 Jake took on his first paint project with his dad. Jake new this was his passion. Over the years Jake developed his own styles and techniques of painting.

In 1974, Jake Joosten of A-Plus Custom Painting started on a journey.  He wanted to follow in the footsteps of a journeyman painter, his father. His dad taught him the importance providing quality painting of both residential and commercial properties at a reasonable price. Jake began teaching his younger brother Darrell Joosten the painting trade. In 1987 Jake and Darrell started a successful company of their own in L.A. Over the years Jake learned the quality of painting and satisfying his customers.

In 1991 Jake relocated to the Central Valley so the business split and A-Plus Custom Painting emerged. In 1994 the same way that he had learned from his father, he taught his son Joshua Joosten. In 1997 Jake and Joshua became official business partner, making us three generations of experience.

We know that there are a lot of choices out there and it is difficult sometimes to make a decision towards a painting contractor but we want to invite you to give us a call so we can give you the A-Plus Custom Experience.